Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pycon India 2010

Last weekend (25th and 26th sep) got another chance to attend the much awaited conference 'Pycon India 2010'. Registered a month before the event.
It is just like a festival for python progammers, developers , newbies.
It was my first ever conference which is related to Python.
The conference consists of tight schedules of talks from the experienced people in python.
The conference running in 3 different auditoriums simultaneously, people were attended topics of their interests.
FOSSEE was conducted an interesting session about introduction about python for newbies and engineers, that was much helpful for those who new to python.
There were lot of interesting talks happens.
I liked much sessions, here are the few in that
*Introduction to python and how i learnt it
*Python on Mobile phones
*Building multimedia applications using GStreamer and python

and i missed the hit session of this conference 'Device interfacing with python and ZIO.
I won't worry about the missed session because this time Pycon conference has arranged to distribute dvd's,
which contains all the content (videos and slides) of the conference will be available for people who want them. I guess dvd costs Rs600/-

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