Tuesday, August 3, 2010

python programming

Its nice way to start programming in python from the scratch is 'Beginning Python' by Apress publishers. I started learning this book from past 10-15 days, why i feel comfortable with this book , it will take you from very basics, simple programs to very complex one. The flow of explanation is nice.
Specially it contains 10 Projects at the end of the book, by learning and try to implement it at that time we really understand how and where python is useful and how powerful it is.

Title : Beginning Python
Author : Magus Lie Hetland
Publisher : Apress
Price : Rs 529/- (India)

mP3 skype recorder

The best way to record the conversation when your using skype.
- Record both end voices.
- Automatically saved to mp3 format in the separate folders
- Available for Windows/Linux/Mac..
-Simple and easy to use