Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TEDx Chennai 2010

I had been to a very good conference TEDx last week on 10th October to IIT Madras Chennai.
It is an independent event organized by TED.
As far as the TEDx Chennai is concerned this is the 2nd edition held on special date 10/10/10. Even the 3rd edition date has been already finalized it is also on a special date 09/10/11.
The key person to organize this event in Chennai is Mr.Kiruba Shankar , a professional blogger.
I really got surprised when the event closed, how and where Kiruba had searched for those impressive speakers with such great talents. Really hats off to all the Speakers of TEDx and Key organizer Kiruba.
Probably the videos of the event will be uploaded in the TEDx Chennai site soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simple Python Code

I tried this simple code using 'feed parser' in Python.
Am new to python, So i started trying simple codes in python.

Program :

#! /usr/bin/python
import feedparser

CricinfoCricketNews = feedparser.parse('http://www.cricinfo.com/rss/content/story/feeds/0.rss')

X= input('BBC Cricket News:1 , Cricinfo Cricket News:2 \n enter your choice: ')

if X==1:
print "BBC Cricket news"
while i <= 5:
ptitle = BBCCricketNews.entries[i].title
print '%s.%s' %(i,ptitle)
print '%s' %(purl)
print '%s' %(pdes)
print '\n'
i +=1

elif X==2:
print "Cricinfo Cricket news"
while i <= 5:
print '%s.%s' %(i,ptitle)
print '%s' %(purl)
print '%s' %(pdes)
print '\n'
i +=1
Sample output 1:
avinash@linux-qqbq:~/pyPrograms> ./LatestCricketNews.py
BBC Cricket News:1 , Cricinfo Cricket News:2
enter your choice: 1
BBC Cricket news
1.Swann thrilled by 'dream' Ashes tour
Graeme Swann tells BBC Sport that a childhood dream has been realised after being named as part of England's squad for this winter's Ashes series in Australia.

2.Miller explains Ashes squad choices
England Chairman of selectors Geoff Miller says Ashes squad members Monty Panesar and Chris Tremlett derverve their place after improving their form in county cricket.

3.Broad confident of England victory
England bowler Stuart Broad is confident England have all the "attributes" to beat Australia in the upcoming Ashes Test series.