Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sanath Jayasuriya : Behind every succesfull man.............

In Jayasuriya's case, his his mother Breeda is the key for every success:

Ajwad Ikram is one of the teacher who taught Jayasuriya at the class of grade

Ikram told "He was very good in sports, but not so good at studies".He was not
from a well-to-do-family and
needed support.When he was first selected in the
team for the tour of Australia, we asked for donations from all staff
members and gave him
Rs 5,000.When Sanath Jayasuriya was at the peak of
his power
during the 1996 World Cup,a banner at an Indian stadium sticks out in
It shows like :"Can't Indian mothers give birth to one Jayasuriya?".
Breeda,the 64-year-old mother of Jayasuriya ,she is a simple and deeply
religious lady.

secret of success:Whenever Jayasuriya went home, his mother takes him to
offer prayers at their temple
and the priest ties a white thread on their wrists,
which is 'the secret of his success'.
(snap no 3).
Breeda's last dream:"She believe he will be able to play the next World Cup".
Helping Nature: He helped build the prayer hall in the temple he visit.
It is now named after him as "Jayasumanarmaya"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some interesting and essential features regarding Solar system

Hi everybody,
here are some interesting snaps regarding SOLAR SYSTEM

1) Solar system:

2) Solar eclipse: The apparent size of the moon being exactly equal to that of the sun creates the glamorous total solar eclipses. When the shadow of the moon falls on the earth, people in the umbral region witness the total eclipse. It is the best opportunity to study the outer layer of the sun.

3) The vainu bappu telescope: Installed in 1985 at Tamil Nadu by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, this telescope with its 2.34 mtrs. diameter reflecting paraboloid Mirror, is the largest of its kind in Asia.