Saturday, September 18, 2010


I got the chance to attend the 'barcamp Bangalore' today.
This event usually happens twice a year.
It was nice and better experience than my previous barcamp(bcb4) in 2007.
But this time the event was scheduled for only one day , previous bcb's usually had the 2 day schedule.
This time i somehow managed to attend 4-5 sessions, that too more towards Mobile development platform and application related.

1 Visualizing Government Data
2 A killer Mobile app Framework - Sencha Touch
3 SEO 101 , Local search and Universal Search Optinization
4 Open discussion : smartphone platform wars !
5 Android programming for Desktop Programmers.

It was nice meeting folks after a long time.

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Jnaneshwara said...

Nice to know this Avi..Hope u got new contacts & new experience..