Monday, February 14, 2011

How to make your domain work for with and without www :Godaddy

When we owned a domain name under godaddy , it needs some initial changes in A(host) DNS Manager settings to 'domain work for with and without www' else it will redirect to godaddy home page very often.

To make changes in the DNS Manager follow the procedure by logging in to your godaddy account with your user name & password.

Then go to 'My Account' under 'Hosting' tab, then click 'Hosting Management' (Hosting->My Account -> Hosting Management->View in Domain Manager)

Then click on the Domain name in the showed list (ex: AVINASHTM.COM) Then click on 'Launch' option in DNS Manager. It shows a table like below with one entry in A(host) table :( @

You should remove that record , and add the following record

Host Points to





Once your done with the above settings like this:

And before quitting make sure that in CNAME(Alias) host 'www' is pointing to '@' . Then save and exit.Done.

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