Thursday, July 26, 2007

Want to become an HAM (India)

HAM is such a quite interesting field thats y i kept in brief.
Basically HAM means AMATEUR RADIO. Its very easy to learn . There is no compulsary
qualification for this. But if u want to become an HAM in India , the restrictions are u must be citiizen of India , & minimum of age 18 years. Thats all restriction for being an HAM. But the problem in India is the people does't know much about HAM. Even the people heard about HAM , they does't know how to take exam and licence n all. M also a beginer of HAM , so i would like to share with u as much as i know . As for my knowledge INDIAN INSTITUTE OF HAM , Bangalore is the best institution to know much about HAM. If it is not possible to get IIH in Bangalore. Don't worry there are some ready study materials prepared by people of IIH.
Y am telling all these things to u? , in Japan around 13lakhs of people ( half of the total population) are operators of Amateur Radio , but in India even we have the larger population of about 110 crores, we are having only of around 15,500 HAM operators. For this am telling to every citizen of India to being a part of HAM. To know further about HAM be in touch. or u can clarify more by viewing site :-)


ATM said...

OK so you have made a start. Not a bad one. We use shorter text in mobiles, because of the keyboard constraint. But why on blog ?

Niveditha said...

dear sir,
i am very much interested to study more about HAM.and become HAM can i contact u.send me as much info as possible immediately.

[sir,one more thing i want to ask,is that,can u pls suggest me a good handset(nokia)in the range of 5000/-]

thank u very much sir
waiting for ur reply

jnaneshwara said...

Nice to know about HAM...
Thanks for posting such a interesting info....

nanditha tm said...

thanx for the information Avinash.